Over the last few weeks, we’ve all made Jeff Bezos (the guy that founded Amazon) the richest man who ever lived, by buying a load of stuff we probably don’t really need. If we can manage to line Jeff’s pockets, then just maybe we can help a few people closer to home too, many of whom you walk past every single day.

At the #StallForAll we’re asking you to give again, but this time to help the hundreds of rough sleepers – and thousands of homeless people – across Greater Manchester.

So after that visit to the Christmas Markets to sup gluhwein with your friends and add another wooden owl to your collection why not give something you already have – food, warmth, shelter, joy, family – to someone else who really needs it this Christmas.

All you have to do is browse our stall for an item you like the look of and text the code on it to give that amount to charities supporting homeless people.

We’ll send you a memento of your gift via text so you can keep it, or pass it on to a friend as a festive gesture.

So dig deep people, it is Christmas for Christ’s sake!

The #StallForAll is supporting the Mayor’s Homelessness Fund and Big Change Manchester.

#StallForAll is a Reason Digital project with the kind support of Sterling Property, Sheila Bird, and the residents of 24 Lever Street.