Buy someone Shelter

The gift of cover from the winter cold
Buy shelter for £15
It’s the most basic and obvious aspect of being homeless, but yet it’s often the most misunderstood. The number of people sleeping rough (i.e. on the streets) rose by 40% this year, and that’s just the homelessness we can see - there’s thousands more without a roof to call their own.

Buy someone Food

The gift of banishing painful hunger
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Food and drink is an important part of our lives and our culture, and it’s all the more apparent at Christmas, the average household blows an incredible £174 on food and drink on Christmas day alone.

Buy someone Joy

The gift of mental health care
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It can be the cause of their homelessness or the thing keeping them on the streets - with approximately 40% of rough sleepers having a mental health problem, it’s an issue we need to tackle immediately.

Buy someone Dignity

The gift of basic personal hygeine
Buy dignity for £3
It really is that dreaded time of the month for homeless women. With limited or no access to sanitary products, or private space to deal with the issue, they're often forced to go without.